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[ 2015/8/12 ] Microfiber Waffle Towels Save Space, Dry Faster, Rock Harder

author:Fuzhi   |   Click:1931

When traveling, we have the most headache is that the case with less, things take place.In our never ending quest to save space, we’ve found it’s often the small things that make the biggest difference. Many of us assume terry cloth is the only way to go for absorbent towels–its bulky texture seems a natural fit for absorbing water. But terry cloth’s loft takes up tons of space, dries slow (often getting moldy whilst drying) and takes up disproportionate space in the washing machine and dryer.

Microfiber waffle towel,the shallow cavities in the fabric effectively increase surface area, wicking more water with minimal increase in bulk. They take up a fraction of the volume of their terry cloth brethren, dry much quicker and absorb amply.

Microfiber towel which is supported by the feeling that the towel of the Chinese people's house, can be attached to your skin, so that it can reduce the load of clothes and appliances.

Microfiber towel is better than the ordinary towels ,7-10 times abosortbent than ordinary.Antibacterial.

Someone blames the excesses of the 80’s for the “hotel towel”–essentially a piece of terry cloth that could house a Bedouin village–becoming the household norm. The only problem is that if you lack daily maid service and a store-room, these towels make no sense. Waffle-weave towels do, saving space and energy while doing what they’re supposed to do: dry.